We Bought A Barn...Well, a Ranch

So we bought a ranch.

Last year. Well, 8 months ago to be exact. It was a lifelong accomplishment for us and we are excited (and nervous) at what this will bring.

The property was managed and operated as an equestrian boarding facility for the past 20 years and had become run down, putting in mildly. We can see the diamond in the rough and have started the process or repairs.

Main Barn Before

The image showing the main barn gives you an idea of the shape it was in when we purchased it. The paint and wood was in disrepair and had rot pretty much everywhere. The eves were falling a part and the sliding doorsreally couldn't slide.

We have had our work cut out for us. It has been a blast, stressful, and a project of love so far and I can't wait to show you the progress as we repair each area on the property.

So far we have a few extra animals like this little mini horse. We had to quickly stock up on feed, bedding, and climb proof fencingfor the ranch to make it safe for these little guys.

Our Daughter and Waffles, one of our mini horses.

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