Alicia is a World-Renowned Expert on Entrepreneurship. As the founder of such brands as Three Bird Nest, the Peanut Shell + Liv Rocks, Alicia has inspired thousands with her expertise in branding, marketing, and small business growth. She has also created fulfilling jobs allowing so many the opportunity to improve their lives and provide for their families.

With her first “business” at the age of 8, Alicia was well on her way of become a successful entrepreneur. She shares her knowledge through consulting on branding and design, speaking at business conferences, and sales strategy meetings for companies big and small.

Alicia Shaffer's career path originally began in Public Relations, but her passion for business led her to leave her corporate job and start her own company. Despite initial success, the harsh realities of entrepreneurship taught her valuable lessons that she used to grow and expand her retail clothing boutique brand, Prim. Out of Prim emerged her flagship brand, Three Bird Nest, a bohemian style accessories line that quickly gained national recognition.  

Alicia garnered notoriety for being the fastest growing Etsy Shop with sales exceeding $70K a month within 2 years. Virtually every major media outlet covered her success across the world, some of the more notable were Today.com (http://today.com/), Yahoo.com (http://yahoo.com/), Good Morning America, and People Magazine. Transferring her success from Etsy to her own branded website Shaffer's drive and determination saw her brand grow to nearly $10MM in annual sales in record time, all while balancing her family life with three children and a husband.
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Alicia has also always had a lifelong passion for horses which led her to a new venture - a 120 acre equestrian ranch that she and her husband now operate and manage. She now uses her experience to help other equine businesses branding and design, sales strategies, and overall business coaching. Her goal has been to encourage other entrepreneurs to live out their passions and pursue their dreams.

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Over the years her products have been featured on programs like the Ellen Show and Alicia has appeared on The Steve Harvey Show, Home & Family on Hallmark, KTLA Morning News, Fox 5, and FOX News. She has been featured in Parade, OK! Weekly, CRAFT, Better Homes and Gardens, Traditional Home, Entrepreneur, and Rich Dad Poor Dad.
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