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Alicia Shaffer is a top entrepreneur, speaker, and marketing genius. Growing her business, Three Bird Nest, to sales of over $35MM within 8 years. As an equestrian + ranch owner she now is working with businesses in the equine industry to create a strong brand, establish a social media presence + marketing plan...She is passionate about educating + training equine businesses on the importance of branding and how to make this happen!
Speaking at conferences world wide, book Alicia Shaffer to inspire and train your workforce. Her expertise and creative mind is sought out to help launch businesses, grow sales, and to inspire others to make the changes needed in their business to achieve success.
An e-commerce and retail expert she trains, educates, and mentors others to take that step towards their dreams. She was Etsy's top shop with sales skyrocketing to $70K monthly within 1 year of starting on Etsy and is a Shopify expert that allows her to speak with passion on marketplaces and e-commerce.
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