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Alicia Shaffer: How a Mother of 3 Built The Second Best Selling Handmade Products Shop on Etsy

Alicia Shaffer is the founder of Three Bird Nest Designs. After just 3 years in business her bohemian apparel and accessories brand has become the second bestselling handmade products shop on Etsy, earning more than 86,000 sales. Here is her story: Q: What’s the meaning behind your business name? A: I have a tattoo on my arm I got in New York that is symbolic of my three children. It’s three little birds in a nest. When I was thinking of a name for my Etsy shop I looked at my arm and it kind of just popped up as a name…and it’s stuck! Q: How did your childhood and upbringing influence your passion for fashion and entrepreneurship? A: I...

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