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What are the BEST High Ticket Affiliate Programs?

3 Reasons Why You Should Leverage beehiiv’s Partner Program What makes beehiiv’s partner program so special? There are countless reasons. But let’s highlight the top reasons why you should leverage the beehiiv Partner Program: Highest Commissions of Any Newsletter Platform With beehiiv’s partner program, you earn 50% on all referred revenue for one year. Let me repeat that. When you refer someone using your partner link, you keep 50% of whatever they pay. No other email software in the industry even comes close. If you refer someone to beehiiv’s $99 Scale Plan, you earn $49.50 every month for one year straight. If you refer 10 people, that’s $495 per month for a year. In 12 months, you’ll get a total of $5,940....

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